Assessment Philosophy

Case Western Reserve University commits to a comprehensive educational outcome assessment program, wherein we measure how our students have changed, what knowledge has been learned, and what competencies have been developed. Our educational outcome assessment programs will not only provide information on how well we are achieving our objectives, but also identify what types of programs and experiences have the most powerful impacts. The ultimate goal is to incorporate continuous evaluation into the educational culture for the improvement of programs and for enhancing the distinctiveness of our university.

Education outcome assessments will be based on the core vision and mission of each school and the university as a whole. The faculty, empowered by adequate resources and support to carry out assessment activities, accepts that educational outcome assessment is a part of academic duties. Outcome assessment is embraced as a means that can lead to improvements in teaching and learning, plus provide evidence of teaching effectiveness for institutional purposes.

(Approved by Faculty Senate, April 27, 2004)

Reviewed by Outcome Assessment Coordinating Committee, Fall 2018