School and College Committees

Assessment at CWRU has a university-wide framework and central support, yet preserves the ability of individual units to determine the student learning outcomes of importance to them and the best methods by which to assess them. Committees within the schools and the College that are involved with coordinating this process include the following:

Academic Unit Committee
Case School of Engineering Program Assessment Committee (Chair: Peter Lagerlof)
College of Arts and Sciences Committee on Educational Programs (Chair: Lihong Shi)
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Committee for Evaluation of Programs (Chair: Jane Marek)
School of Dental Medicine Committee on Outcome Assessment and Program Evaluation (Chair: Catherine Demko)
School of Law Curriculum Committee (Chair: Juliet Kostritsky)
School of Medicine Program Evaluation and Assessment Committee (Chairs: Klara Papp, Murray Altose)
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Sciences Curriculum Committee (Chair: Kathleen Farkas)
SAGES SAGES Portfolio Faculty Evaluation Committee (Coordinator: Erika Olbricht)
Weatherhead School of Management Undergraduate and Integrated Studies Committee (Chair: Jennifer Johnson), Graduate Curriculum Committee (Co-chairs: Simon Peck, CNV Krishnan), Graduate Faculty Program Directors Group (Chair: Simon Peck)