What People Are Saying

Cal Al-Dhubaib, PanData

Cal Al-Dhubaib, Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Data Scientist of Cleveland-based Pandata, recently hired a Data Analytics Boot Camp graduate.  “What I love about the boot camp is that students are developing basic skills and applications in data science and we, as a company, can take their foundation and transform them to think like a data scientist.” Click here to read more. 


Matt Hall Boot Camp Graduate

"Programming Meets Patient Care: Why This Doctor Turned to Coding to Improve Healthcare." Click here to read more about CWRU Coding Boot Camp Graduate, Matt Hall. 


Julie Novic Boot Camp Graduate

Juliana (Julie) Novic was no stranger to the classroom when she enrolled in the Case Western Reserve University Data Analytics Boot Camp. Already armed with a PhD in anthropology, and having worked in various universities, Novic was a whiz at time management, research, and presentations.  But there was one thing holding Novic back from the career path she dreamt about. Click here to read more about Julie's journey.


“The ability to retrain the mid-career workforce as well as provide focused training for early career entrants into industry is critical to the long term survival of our manufacturing base. Given this focus, the lifelong learning initiative launched by Case Western is pioneering a role for institutions of higher learning to play in satisfying this need going forwards.”

Stephen P. Johnson PhD, Director, Research & Development at The Timken Company, a Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company 


“The course was well done! Thank you!!”

— Research & Development Engineer, The Materion Corporation