May 2009 Update

Legislation and Policy Report
May, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congress spent the month focusing on climate and energy legislation and conducting FY2010 budget hearings, and passing credit card legislation.  The Senate confirmed a significant number of President Obama’s nominees to Cabinet level positions, while the president nominated Sonia Sotomayer to the Supreme Court.

Appropriations and Budget – The House and Senate passed different versions of an FY2009 supplemental appropriations bill and the president introduced a detailed FY2010 budget proposal.

Climate – A house subcommittee passed draft legislation that would create a National Climate Service division within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Energy – The House Energy and Commerce Committee reported out HR 2454, American Energy and Security Act.

Higher Education – Updates on possible FICA tax on student workers, new credit card law that affects college students, and federal student loan policy.

Research – Recent developments on an NIH request for comments on whether regulations on conflicts of interest should be revised and a recently released National Research Council report on Opportunities in Neuroscience for Future Army Applications.

Odds and Ends – Miscellaneous items of interest.

Comings and Goings – Appointments, resignations, deaths.



FY2010-2011 Biennial Operating Budget – The Senate Finance Committee passes its version of the budget bill with over $650 million in reductions from the House passed bill – higher education is not spared.

Legislative Issues – Update on legislation affecting colleges and universities.

Third Frontier Initiative – Governor Strickland and his staff debate whether to place a replacement or expansion bond issue on the November ballot.

Comings and Goings:  Appointments, resignations, deaths.

Sources of information for this report include the Association of American Universities, American Institute of Physics, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio’s updates and reports, newspapers, political and legislative wire services, and others.