Community Relations

community dinner participant listens to others at the table

The Office of Local Government and Community Relations serves as a liaison between Case Western Reserve University and the local governments and communities of Northeast Ohio. We collect and disseminate information about the university’s collective value and instrumental role in the local community. Our office identifies, updates and promotes the university’s extensive inventory of community outreach programs and partnerships throughout the Greater Cleveland region. We facilitate all public inquiries seeking university partnerships and services, coordinate the university’s response to local government and community issues, as well as assist other campus departments on issues of local concern.


Engage and strengthen relationships with residents, community partners, local government officials, and civic stakeholders to advance Case Western Reserve’s vision of community engagement and investment.


Be a “Good Neighbor” to our surrounding communities by deepening our presence in the neighborhoods, welcoming more neighbors to campus, connecting residents to CWRU resources and providing CWRU faculty and staff opportunities to connect with resources and residents in the community.  We will provide a significant impact to the community through the university’s investment in improving the health, economic, and education outcomes in our surrounding, priority neighborhoods.