April 2023 Message from Julian Rogers

Finally, spring has blossomed in University Circle and (somewhat) warmer weather has arrived. In just a few weeks, our students will leave campus for the summer and the pace of the university on the academic side will slow down just a bit. 

But on the community relations side, things will begin to pick up. Starting in June, we’ll welcome as many as 300 local children to our five-week National Youth Sports Program (NYSP). This will be the 53rd year Case Western Reserve has hosted the summer program that provides sports, enrichment, nutrition and health services to local children ages 8-16. 

You can learn more about the program in this newsletter and one of its loyal partners, Friends of NYSP. You’ll also read spotlights on longtime NYSP supporter Robert Haynie, MD, PhD (GRS '72, MED '78), and NYSP student counselor Brahaan Singh (CAS ‘24). Finally, you can get to know our Neighborhood Advisory Council co-chair and lifelong Glenville resident, Sandra Brinson. As always, be sure to check out our events section to learn more about how you can engage in our community. 

Congratulations to our graduating undergraduate, graduate and professional students—I wish you continued success. And as always, please do reach out to me with your questions and feedback. 

Julian Rogers
Assistant Vice President, Local Government and Community Relations