September 2023 Newsletter: Yvonne Conwell Earmarks $200K to Support CWRU Wade Park Community Engagement Center

Yvonne Conwell

This summer, the university was honored and grateful to learn that at the request of Cuyahoga County Councilwoman Yvonne Conwell (District 7), Cuyahoga County Council approved $200,000 in support from the county's American Rescue Plan Act funds for the university’s Wade Park Community Engagement Center renovation project.

The university will begin renovating the formerly vacant, historic property, located at 11310 Wade Park Ave., this fall and anticipates opening the center in late 2024. The Wade Park Community Engagement Center and adjacent green space will be an asset to local community residents, providing a gathering space for neighborhood events as well as a central location for services such as K-12 tutoring and legal counsel provided by CWRU legal clinics.

“The community engagement center is crucial, especially now to re-engage community residents, preserve historic integrity of the community, and provide a space for them to gather and participate with CWRU discussions that have an impact on their surrounding community,” said Councilwoman Conwell. “Bridging a gap between CWRU and Wade Park residents is a win-win for everyone in this community.”

The first floor of the home will include public gathering spaces such as conference rooms and multipurpose areas, while the second floor will house offices for the university’s community relations staff. Stay tuned for more updates as the renovations progress!

Below: Wade Park Community Engagement Center early renderings
Wade Park rendering
Wade Park after