Space & Technology Requirements

instructor and student using HoloAnatomy technology looking at hologram of skeleton

Creating an optimal teaching environment for the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite takes just a few planning steps:  

Prepare PC/laptop and headsets

  • Download the Designer Tool to the course instructor or section leader's computer. The Designer Tool will be used to create customized lessons using art assets from the digital library. A Windows PC must be used. Case Western Reserve University faculty use a standard Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • Download Dashboard. Class and exam management is now possible via a downloadable app for a Windows 10 Laptop or PC. View the status of any HoloLens connected to class, monitor dropouts, administer an exam, assign different questions to different students, and more.
  • Acquire and fully charge the number of Microsoft HoloLens 2 headsets required for the course.

Configure a physical space that works best for mixed reality viewing

  • Choose a room with open space that allows participants to walk around holograms in a safe manner and free of any hazardous materials
  • Select a well lit room with indirect lighting or the ability to shade windows in the room for an ideal experience. 
  • Furnishings, such as tables, chairs and other seating placed throughout the room help the HoloLens "detect" the room. Artwork or decals on the walls of the room play a similar role in helping the HoloLens understand the dimensions and boundaries of the room and help the HoloLens understand where to place the mixed reality images. 
  • Placing a floor covering or rug with non-repeating patterns can also help HoloLens “see” the room.

What space should be considered depending on the size of the group

  • The group’s size needs will depend on the number of participants and the instructor’s presentation using either a central hologram or individual pods.
  • For a single pod with 4-6 students in a group, a 10 foot space is recommended.  
  • For example, for an in-person class session, if there were 2 rows with 5 pods (4-6 students in each) in each row, a minimum space requirement would be 30’ x 60’ (10m x 20m).

Confirm wireless access points

  • A room's WiFi must be stable for HoloAnatomy® Software Suite to work properly. If the WiFi in the room can support 40-50 (or more) laptops simultaneously, it can easily support the same number of HoloLens headsets.
  • Before the first session using HoloAnatomy® Software Suite, verify that the room has adequate wireless access points to support the number of students and the variety of activities that will take place during the session. Be sure the network is stable across all portions of the room where students will be working.

Set up dedicated storage and charging stations for Microsoft HoloLens 2 headsets

  • A secure, dedicated location for storage and charging HoloLens devices, such as individual lockers with electrical access or a mobile cart, is strongly recommended.

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