Apply to Become a Study Abroad Ambassador

Study Abroad Ambassadors work with the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) to promote study abroad at CWRU through their own personal experience and stories.

We believe that by sharing information and experiences about education abroad, ambassadors will help promote study abroad opportunities while also fostering their own global citizenship and leadership skills in the process.


  • Attend one study abroad ambassador training (one hour)
  • Represent study abroad at campus-wide events and through word-of-mouth
  • Participate in general information sessions and outreach through colleges, classrooms, clubs and/or residence halls (at least one per semester)
  • Participate in student panels for pre-departure orientation, admissions panels and other informational panels (at least one per semester)
  • Market study abroad to students by giving/speaking at classroom presentations and college/school information sessions (throughout the year), and pre-departure orientation panels (November/April)
  • Promote study abroad events via social media takeovers, likes, comments, shares and other marketing initiatives
  • Engage with study abroad social media a few times a week from own account
  • Submit a Study Abroad Ambassador profile to be shared on the OEA website
  • Participate in other projects or fun events, depending on interest and expertise


  • Have studied abroad on a CWRU short or long-term program 
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and positive attitude regarding international experiences and CWRU
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Be reliable and accountable for Study Abroad Ambassador responsibilities and timely correspondence with staff members
  • Be passionate about sharing personal stories and experiences in-person (as necessary), virtually and on social media


  • Study Abroad Ambassador tee-shirt
  • Access to Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) testing 
  • Career development to professionalize your international experience via workshops on resume enhancement, interview guidelines, and networking tips for writing and speaking about your study abroad
  • Cultivate your leadership style and skills
  • Recommendation letter from the program coordinator
  • Ambassador appreciation brunch


To apply to become a Study Abroad Ambassador, complete this form. For more information or if you have questions, contact the program coordinator, Cami Ross, at