International Value Statement

Global Engagement through the Lens of the University’s Core Values

Case Western Reserve University has a mission to “improve and enrich people’s lives through research that capitalizes on the power of collaboration and education that dramatically engages our students. The university realizes this goal through:

  • Scholarship and creative endeavor that draws on all forms of inquiry.
  • Learning that is active, creative and continuous.
  • Provision of an inclusive culture of global citizenship1.”

Case Western Reserve’s values of academic excellence and impact; inclusiveness and diversity; integrity and transparency; and effective stewardship also create the framework for our values as we engage internationally. 

Academic Excellence and Impact

  • Providing all CWRU students high-quality courses and learning experiences that promote the goals of global citizenship is core to the academic excellence of our university. 
  • Faculty-driven international partnerships advance the scholarship of Case Western Reserve and our partners.

Inclusiveness & Diversity

  • Creating a welcoming environment that fosters belonging and enables global citizenship advances the inclusiveness and diversity of our community.
  • Meaningful international partnerships require intentionality in engaging with diverse countries and regions around the world, while understanding and accepting that we will work with institutions and countries that may not always fully reflect CWRU’s values.2 

Integrity & Transparency

  • Recognizing that the United States has a complicated past in engaging with people from other cultures, both internationally and at home, is imperative in order to move forward with integrity and transparency. 
  • Engaging internationally with integrity calls for respecting local laws, practices and cultures, while promoting CWRU’s values, including the principles of human rights, non-discrimination, academic freedom, and sustainable practices.

Effective Stewardship

  • Engaging with partners from around the world in a fiscally responsible manner, while working to provide sufficient resources so our partners may participate, promotes the mission of Case Western Reserve.
  • Mutually beneficial international partnerships help create collaborations that are sustainable and meaningful.


1 There is not a universally accepted definition of global citizenship; however, most sources attribute two characteristics of a global citizen: awareness of the interdependence of people of the world and a shared responsibility towards others, regardless of national boundaries.  
2 Case Western Reserve recognizes that global relationships are nuanced and should circumstances change with partners or within countries, the university reserves the right to not engage or suspend relationships. 

Endorsed by the President, Provost and Faculty Senate in February 2023