Process and Timeline

Helping Your Student Prepare to Study Abroad

The process for choosing a study abroad program, applying to study abroad and applying to the specific program can be confusing. We have specifically explained the process and timeline, but it is important to note certain ways that parents can be especially helpful. While these tips apply specifically to semester/academic year programs, they can be useful when considering short term programs as well.

Choosing the Study Abroad Program

  1. Allow your student the opportunity to explore options.
  2. Encourage your student to meet with a study abroad advisor.
  3. Let your student ask the advisor questions regarding credit, fees, safety, etc.

Preparing to Go Abroad

  1. Understand that your student will begin to receive specific information about a month after the application to the host institution is due; you can help by reminding your student of this timeline
  2. Be aware that the host institution will send information about housing, visas, courses, etc., but sometimes this happens later than we would expect by U.S. standards. Encourage your student to be patient and to begin communicating with the host institution independently
  3. Research the country/culture with your student. This is a fun way to share in the experience
  4. Pay any deposits or fees before your student leaves if possible. Know that Case Western Reserve University will pay tuition.

Communicating While Abroad

  1. Agree upon communication methods and frequency of communication before you go, but know that resources within the host country might be different from what you expect
  2. Share communication strategies with other family members so that everyone is included.