Diversity in the Curriculum

Welcome to the Curriculum Diversity Strategic Action Plan (DSAP) dashboard for the WR2 Curriculum. This Curriculum DSAP is designed to prepare students to care for diverse patient populations. Initiated by Medical Student leaders in the Diversity Action Committee, optimizing representation of diversity in the curriculum has become a collaboration between CWRU School of Medicine faculty, students and staff. This dashboard will be updated quarterly to share progress on relevant curriculum projects and goals.

School of Medicine is committed to diversity and inclusion, including:

  • Providing ample opportunities for inclusion of diverse identities and experiences in the curriculum
  • Educating all students about health disparities and healthcare needs of minority populations
  • Training faculty, staff, and students to recognize and address implicit bias
  • Hiring and collaborating with diverse faculty and staff

Our efforts are evidence-based and aim to foster exceptional clinicians who are equipped to treat patients no matter their backgrounds, identities, or experiences. 

Curriculum DSAP Dashboard (last updated July 2021)

If you have any questions, please email: C-DSAP@case.edu.