Clinical Rotations

A collage of three images showing stethoscopes and reflex hammer.

The clinical rotations that begin in the summer of the third year are a part of the joint clinical curriculum that is shared by both the University and College Programs. These clinical rotations include the core clerkship year, acting internships and advanced electives.  Rotations are performed at one of the four major hospital affiliates, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth Medical Center, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and the Cleveland VA Medical Center.

Third and Fourth Year Requirements

Students must have a total of 96 weeks of required activities in the last two years of the medical program.

  • 72 weeks of clinical training consists of:
    • 40 weeks of Clinical Cores (either traditional CCLC or Metro LIC)
    • 8 weeks of Acting Internships
    • 22 weeks of Clinical Electives
    • 2 weeks of clinical training will be credited to students for completion of Community Primary Care Preceptorship (CPCP) in years one and two
  • 10 weeks of clinical/non-clinical training
  • 16 weeks of research and scholarship.

Reading or research electives do not qualify as clinical electives.