Metabolic Core

Promethion Mouse System
Met cage full

Our Promethion system allows for multiplexing of high resolution metabolic and activity data from 8 cages

Metabolic Cage
Met cage

Sable systems is the world's most trusted provider of equipment for research in metabolic and behavior monitoring.

Beambreak Activity Monitoring for Total Activity Measures
Met cage w/activity

The BXYZ Beambreak activity monitor enables real time monitoring and can be programmed to ignore fixed objects allowing for activity monitoring in custom cage set ups

Mouse Metabolic and Activity Phenotyping Core at the CVRI

The CVRI Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core (MMPC) uses the Sable (Sable Systems International) Promethion cage system for single-mouse whole body respirometry, body weight monitoring, and continuous food intake and activity measures. The state-of-the-art metabolic cage system utilizes open circuit respirometry in combination with a weigh station, massed food hopper, and exercise wheel. These features are combined with laser monitoring of mouse movement within the entire cage. The cage system is designed for low-stress housing (corn cob bedding, enrichment) allowing for the most accurate metabolic and behavioral phenotyping available.