Animal Resource Center

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine provides substantial resources for a state-of-the-art Animal Resource Center (ARC) that includes 4 AAALAC-accredited facilities staffed by 3 full time veterinarians and support staff, available to all researchers in Wolstein.

Facility space includes the 84,000 sq. ft. Animal Resource Center located in the basement of the Biomedical Research Building at the School of Medicine (extensive renovation completed August 2007), 25,000 sq. ft. of new space in the sub-basement of the Wolstein Research Building, and 3500 sq. ft. in the Wearn Building.

These facilities house several operational units specializing in housing and care of animals used in all aspects of research. A high level rodent barrier, integrated BSL2/BSL3 suite, quarantine facilities, large and farm animal housing units, large animal surgery area and specific pathogen free rodent housing areas are included as well as athymic mice, a biohazard level 3 mouse facility and animal imaging. Case School of Medicine also provides support for maintenance, breeding, genotyping and generation of transgenic “knock-out” and compound mutant mice.