Elaine Ann Ebreo Cara, MS, BS

Research Assistant
Cardiovascular Research Institute
School of Medicine

Elaine Ann received her MS in Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve University after graduating with a BS from the University of California – Los Angeles. Her research interests are centered on the development of epigenomic and transcriptomic profiles of various cardiometabolic and other noncommunicable diseases. Current and past work include circadian rhythm disruption, metabolic and behavioral phenotyping including mouse models for Alzheimer’s Disease, characterization of peripheral immune cell populations in lung inflammation, as well as investigation into chromatin dynamics and gene regulation employing advanced lab techniques in ATAC-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and qPCR. Environmental stressors such as air pollution are a main focus as it is indicated in noncommunicable diseases. Elaine Ann hopes to continue contributing to advancing our understanding of the phenotypes and mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of these prevalent diseases.


Palanivel R, Vinayachandran V, Biswal S, Deiuliis JA, Padmanabhan R, Park B, Gangwar RS, Durieux JC, Ebreo Cara EA, Das L, Bevan G, Fayad ZA, Tawakol A, Jain MK, Rao S, Rajagopalan S. Exposure to Air Pollution Disrupts Circadian Rhythm through Alterations in Chromatin Dynamics. (2020). iScience (2020) 23:101728.

Gangwar RS, Vinayachandran V, Palanivel R, Chan R, Park B, Diamond-Zaluski R, Cara EA, Cha A, Das L, Asase C, Maiseyeu A, Deiuliis J, Zhong J, Mitzner W, Biswal S, Rajagopalan S. Differential contribution of bone marrow-derived infiltrating monocytes and resident macrophages to persistent lung inflammation in chronic air pollution exposure. Sci Rep. (2020)1:14348.

Cara, E.A.E., Chu, S., Eshaghian-Wilner, M., Mlinar, E., Nojeh, A., Rofail, F., Safaee, M.M., Singh, S., Wu, D., Yip, C.W. (2009) Bio-Inspired and Nanoscale Integrated Computing, An Introduction to Nanocomputing (pp. 1-30) Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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