Wolstein Research Building, School of Medicine
Ron Conlon

FIND Pipeline at Case Western Reserve University translates gene-directed approaches into therapeutics. We Focus on INherited Disease.

Gene-directed therapies—gene editing, gene therapy, mRNA replacement, oligonucleotide therapy—are transforming the treatment of inherited disease. The FIND Pipeline develops and tests in vivo safety and efficacy of prospective gene-directed therapeutics.

The FIND Pipeline integrates the Transgenic Core, In Vivo Core, Cell Core, and Imaging Research Core, and is supported by CFF, RICH, JobsOhio, NCI, CWRU-CTSC, and the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

The constituent parts of the FIND Pipeline have served local, national and international researchers for decades. The FIND Pipeline is comprised of four components, the transgenic, mouse models, cell, and imaging cores. 

Through this pipeline of core facilities, we are world leaders in:

  • The generation of gene-edited mouse models for translating gene-centered therapeutics
  • Analysis of safety and efficacy in gene-edited mouse models
  • Analysis of safety and efficacy in animal and patient tissues and cells
  • Development and implementation of quantitative imaging technologies to provide non-invasive assessments of therapeutic delivery and efficacy in both animal models and eventually in patients.