Postdoctoral Training

At Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, our postdoctoral trainees generate excitement in our research programs. We're committed to bringing the brightest trainees from a broad range of backgrounds to tackle the biomedical challenges of the future.

Like other institutions, we have defined our postdoctoral positions as a training period for a career in biomedical science

A postdoctoral trainee is a person who has recently earned a PhD, MD or equivalent doctoral degree, and who joins Case Western Reserve University to perform mentored research full time under the supervision of a faculty member. The position can be held for up to five years and is meant to provide additional research and/or scholarly training in preparation for a position in academe, industry or government.

The university established the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs in Graduate Studies to support postdoctoral training and improve the training environment, including establishing uniform policies for terms of postdoctoral appointment, benefits and levels of compensation. In particular, the university offers an attractive benefits package for these trainees.

Because the majority of postdoctoral trainees are in the School of Medicine, the School of Medicine’s Graduate Education Office tracks postdocs and organizes various workshops, professional development seminars and courses specifically for postdocs at the university.

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