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One-Year Master’s Medicine, Society and Culture

A track in CWRU’s renowned bioethics and medical humanities M.A. degree program

Health and illness involve more than biology and genetics. Community attitudes and resources affect well-being, as 
do political and social structures. Understanding these factors, and their complex implications, enables far more sophisticated consideration of disease and well-being—not to mention more effective interventions. This one-year program not only gives students an interdisciplinary foundation, but also clinical experiences where they see concepts play out in real life. We’ve enrolled future physicians, scientists, social workers, as well as people still deciding their disciplines. No matter what professional path you choose, one point is certain: You will never think about health the same way again.

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June 19th, 2018: Eileen Anderson-Fye interviewed about recent changes to the Miss America competition

May 30th, 2018: Dean Jessie Hill publishes op-ed on reproductive rights in Ohio

May 14th, 2018: Tony Jack on science and spirituality

May 10th, 2018: Eileen Anderson-Fye honored as a second-time Diekhoff Awardee for Graduate Student Mentoring

April 6th, 2018: Mark Aulisio (Chair of the CWRU Department of Bioethics) on opioids and cardiac infections

Feb. 20th, 2018: Sharona Hoffman on "5 questions to ask your aging parents’ doctors"

Jan. 28th, 2018: Jessie Hill discusses Roe V. Wade on the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision

Jan. 25th, 2018: Kavita Arora examines the intersections between ultrasound images and physicians' social media use

Nov. 17th, 2017: Eileen Anderson-Fye's work published in the Oxford Handbook of Eating Disorders

Oct. 12th, 2017: Dittrick Museum debuts interactive digital exhibit on How Medicine Became Modern

May 3rd, 2017: MHSM Regional Consortium event featured in The Daily

Apr. 14th, 2017: Suzanne Rivera comments on the upcoming Cleveland March for Science

Mar. 19th, 2017: B. Jessie Hill discusses Roe V. Wade and reproductive choice in the contemporary USA

Mar. 13th, 2017: Baker-Nord Center’s Peter Knox talks about this year’s Cleveland Humanities Festival

Mar. 13th, 2017: Dental Medicine’s Leena Palomo weighs in on study linking osteoporosis treatment and periodontal health

Mar. 2nd, 2017: Insoo Hyun interviewed in NPR article on embryo experiments

Jan. 17th, 2017: CWRU ranked as one of WSJ's Top 10 Midwestern Colleges in Big Cities

Jan. 12th, 2017: Jonathan Sadowsky on the history of ECT in The Conversation

Dec. 5th, 2016: Leena Palomo featured in a WebMD article on healthy flossing habits

Nov. 3rd, 2016: Bioethics Department's Suzanne Rivera plays lead role in fostering US-Cuba science & research collaborations

Sept. 21st, 2016: Inaugural meeting of the Northeast Ohio Medical and Health Humanities and Social Medicine consortium featured in The Daily

Sept. 14th, 2016: MSC Program Spotlighted in the Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry and Daily Dose Blogs

Sept. 7th, 2016: Susan Hinze's work on gender discrimination and medical training cited in Voices in Bioethics

May 6th, 2016: Andrea Wolk Rager honored with Diekhoff Teaching Award

May 5th, 2016: Insoo Hyun's groundbreaking piece on embryology policy featured in Nature

March 24, 2016: Reena Mehra’s sleep research finds greater risk of atrial fibriliation among sleep-diordered breathing patients

March 22, 2016: Case Western Reserve launches Medicine, Society and Culture Track in Bioethics

March 1, 2016: Jessie Hill speaks on how Justice Antonin Scalia’s death affects the abortion debate

Feb. 16, 2016: Jessie Hill authors op-ed about libertarians and abortion restrictions

Feb. 4, 2016: Kim Emmons to lead Provost’s Commission on the Undergraduate Experience

Feb. 1, 2016: Tony Jack explains the importance of finding a good mentor as part of the neuroscience of success


For more events, please check our Google calendar below.

1st Cleveland Humanities Festival, “Remembering War,” April 1–10

Lecture at the Dittrick Museum: “Feeding War: Gender, Health, and the Mobilized Kitchen in WWI Germany,” 6 p.m. April 7

Health Humanities Conference at Cleveland Clinic, April 7–9

Monthly Reading Group, April 8; Work to be discussed: Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82, by Elizabeth Fenn

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