Medical Education Research


Medical education is a collaborative effort between instructors and students, with a specific emphasis at CWRU School of Medicine on student-directed learning. Research in medical education helps to inform curriculum modifications to improve student satisfaction, student performance, instructor competency, content delivery and content acquisition. The opportunity for the dissemination of the research findings in this area are numerous, both intra and extramurally. IRB-approved research is currently being conducted in the following areas:

  • In collaboration with the Office of Information Technology Services, the Dept. of Neurology is a first adopter in integrating, professionally produced content-rich videos into the undergraduate medical curriculum.
  • Researchers are exploring several video formats to identify the optimal format for both student satisfaction and content delivery.
  • PGY3 residents in Neurology participate in medical education as both students and instructors. The added value that PGY3 residents bring to the undergraduate medical curriculum is being actively researched.
  • Researchers are exploring the impact of content modifications in the pre-clinical curriculum to optimize integration of clinical and basic science principles.

Current Studies

Research in medical education involves collaboration among students, residents and faculty from many departments and disciplines. Current studies have generated numerous abstracts, some presented at national and international meetings. Two studies will be submitted for peer-reviewed publication. The current titles of these publications are “Neurology PGY3 Residents at the Nexus of Medical Education.” David D. Friel, Ph.D., Chanel M. Wood, MM, and Maureen W. McEnery, Ph.D., MAT and “Implementing the flipped classroom: development and evaluation of an online educational module” Chanel M. Wood, MM, Krishan Chandar, MBBS, MRCP and Maureen W. McEnery, Ph.D., MAT.