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Congratulations to our students Jared Cregg, Alicia Vagnozzi, and Jane Lindborg for their recent achievements!


Neuroscience 2018



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Thursday, November 15,  12:10 -1:15 pm, BRB 105

Dr. Anjali Rajadhyaksha

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Brain and Mind Research Institute , Weill Cornell Medical College

Seminar Title: "Dysregulated L-type Ca2+ signaling in neuropsychiatric disorders"

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Special Lecture in Translational Neuroscience

Monday, November 12, 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Robbins E646

Dr. Steven James Gray

Associate Professor

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Lecture Title: "AAV-mediated gene therapy for nervous system disorders"

Journal Clulb

Kendall Hoover

Monday, November 12, 12:00 pm, SOM E646