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Neurosciences will welcome Dr. Catherine Collins in Summer 2022
Portrait of Catherine Collins

Dr. Catherine Collins will join the faculty in June 2022. 

Dr. Collins will be moving her lab from the Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan. Her lab studies plasticity mechanisms that allow the nervous system to adapt to damage, including the degeneration, clearance and regeneration of axons and synapses.

Silver Lab - groundbreaking research highlighted in new video.

This video highlights the first, and so far the only, Council to Advance Human Health (CAHH) funded research program here at CWRU that has been successfully licensed and translated all the way to a human clinical trial. The video was shown at the annual meeting of the CAHH in early October in order to highlight the groundbreaking work from the Silver lab and stimulate optimism for the continuing success of the CAHH program.

Congratulations to Dr. Pola Philippidou for being appointed to the Weidenthal Family Designated Professorship in Career Development.
Philippidou_Pola_Philippidou Lab_crop

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Case Western Reserve University established the Weidenthal Family Designated Professorship in Career Development to support an early career faculty member working in academic areas with the greatest potential for impacting the future of medicine as well as the quality and stature of the University.

Dr. Philippidou has been appointed to the Weidenthal Family Designated Professorship in Career Development for a three-year term starting in September 2021.

Neurosciences Welcomes Dr. Britton Sauerbrei
Picture of Britton Sauerbrei

Dr. Britton Sauerbrei will join the faculty September 15, 2021.

Dr. Britton Sauerbrei earned a Ph.D. in Computation and Neural Systems from Caltech. He has been a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Adam Hantmanfrom, Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Janelia Research Campus. Dr. Sauerbrei's research focuses on the principles governing neural population activity in the cerebral cortex and cerebellum, and on how these principles enable the control of skilled movement.

Congratulations to Dr. Ashley Nemes-Baran for receiving the J. Bruce Jackson MD Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring.

Interim President Scott Cowen made the announcement in a Zoom bombing event in Ashley’s NEUR202 lecture. Interim President Cowen cited many letters of support from the students and congratulated Dr. Nemes. He said it is rare for a year-one professor to win this prestigious award.

We are so proud of you, Dr. Nemes!

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Philippidou Lab
KC_Ritesh_Philippidou Lab_crop

Congratulations to Ritesh KC in Pola Philippidou’s lab for his F31 predoctoral fellowship award. 

Philippidou Lab 
Vagnozzi_Alicia_Philippidou Lab_crop

Congratulations to Alicia Vagnozzi in Pola Philippidou’s lab for her F30 predoctoral fellowship award. 

Image of Dr. Nemes smiling
Ashley Nemes-Baran has been appointed Assistant Professor of Neurosciences and will teach in the Neurosciences undergraduate major curriculum.

The undergraduate major in Neuroscience has launched!
image of students on the quad