Undergraduate Research

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We offer outstanding research opportunities to CWRU undergraduates. Research can be conducted with faculty throughout the School of Medicine (SOM), the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as well as with neuroscience researchers at Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Cleveland VA Medical Center, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, or Holden Arboretum.

Undergraduate students who have worked in Neurosciences Department labs have published first-authored papers on their research in biomedical journals, won awards, been admitted to top-ranking medical and graduate schools (including CWRU), and most importantly, learned how the brain works.

If you are interested in performing research as an undergraduate student, you should:

  1. Find a faculty mentor. [The terms faculty mentor, principal investigator (PI), and research mentor are used interchangeably] 
    Research possible PIs. Consult the Undergraduate Research Faculty list to get started. Check out their web page and research interests. Arrange to meet with the faculty members whose labs you are considering and discuss potential projects. 

    We recommend volunteering with the lab for at least one semester to make sure that it is a good fit before enrolling in an independent research course.
  2. In consultation with your PI design a research project and plan when you will do your research for credit.
    (2 semesters/6 credit hours of independent research are required for the BS in Neuroscience)
  3. Carefully read the course description for our independent research courses NEUR 388, NEUR 388S and NEUR 390.
    Download the independent research form
  4. Complete the form, including your PI's signature, and submit it here.  

    If you are working in a College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) lab, consult the Department of Biology research courses (BIOL 388, 388S 390) and follow their research application process.
  5. Register for the appropriate research course in SIS.  Once the completed forms have been reviewed, permission for your enrollment will be granted.


Questions - Contact

Dr. David Friel or Dr. Ashley Nemes-Baran, Neurosciences

Dr. Jessica Fox, Biology