Master of Science in Biotechnology: Neurosciences Track

The Departments of Biochemistry, Neurosciences, and Pharmacology provide an interdisciplinary home for the Master of Science in Biotechnology (MS-Biotech) program

The MS-Biotech program offers a choice of three specialization tracks:
Biochemistry Track
Neurosciences Track 
Pharmacology Track

The Neurosciences Track is designed to introduce you to the principles of Neuroscience, including electrical and chemical communication within and between neurons, neural development, neurological diseases/disorders, as well as experimental methods commonly used in contemporary neuroscience research, including approaches to drug discovery and development.


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Year 1 Fall Semester

Course Code (credit)

Course Name

BIOC 500* (1) Biotechnology Laboratory: Molecular Biology Basics
BIOC 501 (3) Biochemical and Cellular Techniques for Biotechnology
BIOC 511 (1) Practice and Professionalism in Biotechnology
NEUR 401 (3) Biological Mechanisms of Brain Disorders
NEUR 415 (1) Seminars in Neuroscience


Year 1 Spring Semester

Course Code (credit)

Course Name

BIOC 502B (2) Biotechnology Laboratory: Molecular Biology and Biochemical Techniques
NEUR 402 (3) Principles of Neural Science
NEUR 403 (3) Methods in Neuroscience
NEUR 415 (1) Seminars in Neuroscience

Year 2 Fall Semester

Course Code (credit)

Course Name

Electives** (9) Choose from a variety of Biochemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Pathology, Physiology and Biophysics, Pharmacology, Population and Quantitative Health Sciences, and Systems Biology and Bioinformatics


Year 2 Spring Semester

Course Code (credit)

Course Name

NEUR 610** (3) Biotechnology Internship

Neuroscience Electives 

Course Code

Course Name

BIOC 407

Introduction to Biochemistry: From Molecules to Medical Science

BIOC 408

Molecular Biology

BIOC 412

Proteins and Enzymes

BIOC 434

Structural Biology

BIOC 450

Molecular Basis of Cancer

BIOC 460

Advanced Technologies for Cancer Research

BIOL 426


NEUR 419

Critical Thinking in Neuroscience

PATH 475

Cell and Molecular Foundations of Pathology


Physiology and Biophysics of Molecules and Cells

PHRM 409

Principles of Pharmacology

PHRM 528

Contemporary Approaches to Drug Discovery

PHRM 466

Cell Signaling

PQHS 431

Statistical Methods I

SYBB 411

Survey of Bioinformatics

All coursework for the degree will be at the graduate level (400 level or higher at CWRU).
* Students may be excused from BIOC 500 if they have taken an equivalent course elsewhere or have
learned the material covered in this course through hands-on experience.
** Students employed by a research laboratory/company may complete their internship in that
laboratory/company but must work on a different project and/or different area of the company