B.S. in Neuroscience

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Welcome to the Department of Neurosciences!

Together, the Department of Neurosciences at the School of Medicine (SOM), and the Department of Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), have established a course of study and training for the B.S. in Neuroscience. Information about the major can be found on the Biology web site, key courses are taught by Neurosciences faculty, and research can be conducted with faculty throughout the SOM.

Our faculty strive to understand how the nervous system develops and functions and how it is altered by disease, injury, or environmental factors. We investigate how circuits in the nervous system are assembled, how they function, and how disease and trauma can result in disorders of the nervous system. It is our privilege to do so while training the next generation of neuroscientists.

If you are considering a major in Neuroscience, get to know us better by checking out our faculty pages and our latest publications, or browse the links below that will help familiarize you with the field. 

If you have already decided to major in Neuroscience, check out our Quick Links to requirements for the major, research in neuroscience, and courses offered by our department.

Welcome to the field!


    Neuroscience is a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary field that offers insight into everything from the most basic physiologic reflexes, to the thought process behind art and mathematics. Similarly, the coursework includes instruction in disciplines as diverse as biophysics and philosophy.  You will be exposed to a variety of hypotheses and perspectives that inform the field. The B.S. in Neuroscience presents you with a program of study that will equip you to pursue a number of different career paths. The major draws on coursework throughout CAS and SOM, and will allow you to learn the disciplines you need for the career you want, from neuroscientists.

    Equally important, you will have the opportunity to conduct neuroscience research under the supervision of faculty in multiple CWRU-affiliated schools and departments, including faculty at University Hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic, and affiliates of the Cleveland Brain Health Initiative. This unprecedented access to world-class neuroscience research will allow you to move forward the frontiers of scientific inquiry, even as you are discovering them.

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    The B.S. in Neuroscience requires that you complete SAGES and General Education requirements for CAS. In addition, you must take Required Courses, and choose Electives from Required Areas of Study.  You can seek advisors for the major from the department of Biology in CAS, and you can identify research advisors from the neuroscience faculty of the SOM and its affiliated hospitals, after first consulting with David Friel PhD, or Ashley Nemes PhD, who would be happy to answer and questions you may have. 

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