PhD in Neurosciences

The Department of Neurosciences offers an interdisciplinary neuroscience training program (INTP). Our program emphasizes cellular, molecular, and systems neuroscience to discover mechanisms that mediate the function and development of the nervous system. Training in neurobiology is provided through a combination of research, coursework, and seminars.

Thesis research opportunities are available with more than 20 faculty members working in areas such as sensory and motor systems, neuronal regeneration, sensory and cognitive neuroscience, synaptic function and plasticity, neurodegeneration, neuron-glial interactions, simple neural circuits and neural modeling, and neurogenetics.

The Department of Neurosciences is currently undergoing a period of expansion and is actively recruiting new primary faculty. One feature of the department that makes it a particularly attractive training environment is the highly interactive atmosphere, characterized by extensive collaboration among laboratories and with other departments in the university.

Faculty in our department are leading experts in:

Why you should consider our Neurosciences PhD program:

  • The Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally.
  • The faculty members are excellent.
  • The program is comprehensive.
  • Case Western Reserve University Neurosciences PhDs move to excellent positions.
  • Case Western Reserve University Neurosciences PhDs publish papers in excellent journals.
  • The environment for training is strong with good faculty-student interactions and good cross department/cross-discipline interactions.
  • The Neurosciences community is concentrated in a small area (90% of the faculty are in two connected buildings).
  • The Neurosciences community conducts research on a variety of topics that span basic molecular topics through computational neuroscience to applied sciences aimed at understanding diseases and solving clinical problems.
  • Cleveland is a great place to live! - it is a very graduate student friendly place: the cost of living is low, nice housing is very close to the university, and there are cool things to do near the university, in the city and the surrounding area.