The Education Division is responsible for all educational programs in the department. In addition to their home base subspecialty divisions, all educators in our department (physicians and researchers, nurse-midwives and residents) are members of the education division.

The Education Committee—a subgroup of the Education Division—works on educational innovations and advises the leaders of our many educational programs. The committee reviews reports from all major educational programs; coordinates educational projects; looks for opportunities for quality improvement; and attends to cross-program needs, such as faculty and resident development as teachers, mentors and evaluators. Often teaching resources are identified that can be shared between programs and improvements are made that reach beyond a single course or learner group. Recent updates to the department’s educational programs include:

  • Residency innovations
    • Developed Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) for evaluation of residents under the new milestone standards.
    • Added an education-oriented colposcopy clinic.
    • Developed resident surgical portfolios with education and evaluation components.
    • Added a weekly gynecology pre-op educational conference.
    • Redesigned the ambulatory gynecology rotation.
    • Developed a Morbidity and Mortality monthly departmental conference.
  • Student programs
    • Coordinated with the pediatric department for integrated Ob/Gyn/Pediatric third year clerkship.
    • Expanded high-quality acting internships.
    • Added two-week “boot camp” for senior medical students who have matched in Ob/Gyn.
  • Faculty programs
    • Developed Academic Relative Value Unit (RVU) system to attribute credits for academic productivity salary bonuses.
    • Prepared several mid-career faculty members for promotion.

The Education Committee, comprised of representatives from each of our teaching programs, was created to build a mechanism for collaboration and coordination of all educational projects in the department. Because residents function both as teachers and as learners, they are represented on the committee based on nomination by their peers. Members of the department are encouraged to bring issues to the education committee for discussion.

Education Committee

  • Karen Ashby, MD
  • Allison Bauer, MD
  • Corinne Bazella, MD
  • David Burkons, MD
  • Nancy Cossler, MD
  • Angelina Gangestad, MD
  • Kimberly Gecsi, MD
  • David Hackney, MD
  • Mary Haerr, MD.
  • Ann Marie Konkoly, CNM
  • Margaret Larkins-Pettigrew, MD
  • Susan Lasch, MD
  • JoAnn Laurent
  • James Liu, MD
  • Ali McGregor, MD
  • Tia Melton, MD
  • Cynthia Mueller
  • Rachel Pope, MD
  • Shandini Raidoo, MD
  • Roya Rezaee, MD
  • Lauren Ruggiero, MD
  • Anne Sammarco, MD
  • Maria Shaker, MD
  • David Sheyn, MD
  • Marc Snelson, MD
  • Martin Wieczorek, MD
  • Kristine Zanotti, MD