Becoming the Edwards Scholar

Students speaking at the Edwards Scholars Program

The sought after qualities of the Edwards Scholar are as follows:

  • Genuine passion for the medical field
  • Commitment to academics
  • Commitment to community service
  • Exhibited leadership
  • Participation in the Robbins Bridge Program
  • Creativity and general problem solving abilities
  • College readiness
  • Collaborative learning abilities
  • Maturity

Recommended coursework that a prospective Edwards Scholar should complete within their high school experience is as follows:

  • Math
    • 8 semesters of credit including:
      • Pre-calculus
      • AP Calculus
  • Science
    • 8 semesters of credit including:
      • Physics or AP Physics
      • 2 Years of Chemistry including AP Chemistry
      • Biology or AP Biology
      • Minimum one year of AP Science
  • English
    • 8 semesters of credit including:
      • AP Language & Composition
      • AP Literature & Composition
  • History/Social Studies
    • 8 semesters of credit :
      • AP/Honors courses are preferred
  • Language
    • 6 semesters of credit:
      • Spanish is preferred

Applying for the Joan C. Edwards Scholarship:

  • Must apply to Case Western Reserve University through the Early Action process.
  • Indicate an interest in pre-med where it asks for academic interests.
  • The Case Western Reserve University Office of Admission then selects finalists out of the students who are offered admission to CWRU.  Students who are selected for an interview are notified of the interview with their offer of admission.
  • Interviews of selected finalists are completed toward the end of the year by a panel of representatives from each of the invested institutions.