Compliance and Risk Management

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About the Program

Gain the skills you need to make your next career move with a Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

The first of its kind in Ohio, our certificate program prepares lawyers and non-lawyers to work in an organization’s compliance and/or risk management department competently, effectively and ethically. Compliance-related jobs are one of the hottest growth areas in the U.S., with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an estimated 30,700 jobs opening for compliance officers and 91,300 jobs opening for compliance managers over the next 10 years. Our certificate will help you stand out among candidates as you pursue these opportunities.


What to Expect

This certificate program is composed of 15 credit hours, which you can complete on a part-time basis over three to four lightly scheduled semesters. And, any credits you earn as a part of your program can be applied to our full master’s degree in Compliance and Risk Management should you choose to continue your training.

To earn this certificate, you’ll take three foundational courses:

  • Risk assessment
  • Governance, regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Compliance and risk management skills: Planning, auditing, investigating and reporting.

In our program, you’ll acquire essential skills—such as how to read and interpret statutes, regulations, and case law; how to identify, assess, and address business and legal risks and opportunities; and how to design and implement compliance and risk management programs.

Compliance graduates obtain jobs at law firms and a range of different healthcare-related businesses, from hospitals, pharmaceutical or device manufacturers, and food processing companies to insurance companies, pharmacies, diagnostic services, and eldercare businesses (such as home healthcare, assisted living, nursing homes and hospice). Graduates also go on to support government agencies such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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A Place for Success

An added advantage of our program is our location in the Greater Cleveland area. Our region, including Akron and Canton, is home to a heavy concentration of highly regulated industries, including the biomedical, healthcare, and food processing industries. As a graduate, you’ll be well-positioned to connect with job opportunities across fields.

By the Numbers


university in the country, U.S. News & World Report


most innovative university, Reuters

Admission Requirements

As a candidate, you should have a bachelor’s degree and a demonstrated interest in studying regulatory compliance and risk management. Part-time options are available, and our program doesn’t require either the GRE or the LSAT. Significant scholarships are currently available.

In exceptional circumstances, if you do not have a bachelor’s degree but you do have extensive professional experience in the regulatory compliance and risk management fields, you may be admitted to the program.

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