Core Principles of Supported Employment/Individual Placement and Support


Developed by Paul M. Kubek, Steve Shober, Nicole Clevenger, and Patrick E. Boyle

This 8.5" x 11" mini poster handout provides an at-a-glance overview of the core principles of Supported Employment/Individual Placement and Support (SE/IPS), the evidence-based practice. Use it to educate new staff, stakeholders, employers, consumers, family members, and more. Advocate for SE/IPS services in your community. Learn more about:

  • Zero Exclusion
  • Integrated Employment & Treatment
  • Competitive Jobs
  • Rapid Job-Search
  • Systematic Job Development
  • Time-Unlimited Support
  • Consumer Preferences
  • Benefits Planning

This poster is also available in Dutch for our colleagues in the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking countries. Provided in 2013 by Ronald Oosterhof, directeur / jobcoach, stichting Gek Op Werk / Westewagenstraat 60 / 3011 AT Rotterdam / 010 4121974 / 06 10964416

Download the English version.

Download the Dutch version.