English Language Skills Workshops

Workshops are facilitated by CWRU staff for classes or groups on the CWRU campus only.

To schedule a workshop for your class or group, contact Rachel Gray, assistant director of academic support resources at rxg709@case.edu.

Impromptu Speaking

Students will practice speaking skills and formulating answers to respond to questions they haven’t previously thought about. This type of “on the spot” interaction promotes language fluency and comfort level with spoken English.

Listening Strategies

Students will practice academic listening and note taking skills. Students will learn to recognize transitions and key vocabulary to help organize information from lectures.

Participating in and Leading Classroom Discussions 

Students may find that they are required to participate in class discussions as well as lead classroom discussions about readings and topics from content areas. Students will practice with vocabulary used in academic settings to facilitate and encourage group discussions. 

Reading Strategies

Students will review and learn reading strategies such as efficient reading, active reading, techniques for college courses, annotating and note taking. Students will also practice using contextual cues for meaning and improving reading fluency.

Spoken English Fluency 

This workshop will help make students aware of elements of spoken English beyond pronunciation, such as lexical “chunks”, intonation, pauses, and syllable/word stress. Students will leave with exercises and further information on how to continue to develop their skills.