Accommodation Requests

Once a Disability Resources staff member has reviewed your documentation and completed the initial approval of your accommodations, you'll need to request your specific accommodations for each course. This process will be repeated at the beginning of each semester, so that your new professors are notified of the accommodations you'll utilize for their course.

Your AIM profile lists all of your approved and available accommodations. However, some accommodations might not be necessary or relevant for every course.

For example, you should not send requests for housing accommodations to their professors. The steps below outline the process for submitting these customized accommodation requests to your professors.

Creating and Submitting Your Accommodation Requests

At the beginning of each semester, your AIM Dashboard will show an important message at the top of the screen, notifying you that you have not yet requested accommodations for your courses.

Scrolling down from the message notification on the Dashboard screen, you'll see a section entitled 'Select Accommodations for Your Class'. This section will list your registered courses for the semester, with check boxes next to each of them.

Please note: If you do not see all of your courses listed on this screen, contact Disability Resources at

Select the courses for which you are requesting accommodations, and then click the button below that says 'Step 2 - Continue to Customize Your Accommodations'. This will take you to the accommodation selection screen, where you can scroll through a list of your selected courses and request specific accommodations for each.

If you have multiple accommodations available, they will all be displayed on this screen under each individual course you've selected to request accommodations for. In the example above, you'll see this student is eligible for multiple accommodation types, but has only selected the accommodations that are relevant to their courses.

Select the desired accommodations by checking the corresponding boxes below each class, and when finished click the 'Submit Your Accommodation Requests' button at the bottom of the page. After submitting, the page should refresh and show a large green check box at the top of the screen and a message saying your request has been entered.

Once you've submitted your accommodation requests, Disability Resources staff will review them for approval. Once approved, a notification will automatically be sent to your professor electronically.

The approval process usually takes two business days, and the status can be checked by logging in to AIM and clicking the 'List Accommodations' link on the left sidebar.

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