Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) runs public transit in and around Cleveland. There are numerous bus routes and three train lines, or as Cleveland calls it, the Rapid. Find a map of the routes that serve the campus here. The Transit app is a great tool to track busses or the rapid, check for delays, and see the schedule. 

The RTA has taken precautions for social distancing and there is now a mask requirement for all public transit.

RTA is offering an option for each school to implement an all-in program, in which all students are charged a semester fee, at the discretion of the individual school’s students. This option requires a vote by the students led by each school's student council to decide if the school will participate. Refer to your school if you are eligible for the public transit access. Students who are eligible to receive a U-pass sticker which would serve as a RTA pass. To see your eligibility for a RTA pass as a student at CWRU, more information can be found in regards to the different options for passes. 
If your school or college has not opted in, you can still buy a monthly pass from RTA.


There are many bus routes that serve the campus area. The most popular is the Healthline. The Healthline runs on Euclid Ave from Public Square, to the Cleveland Clinic, all the way through campus and on to the east. It has 4 stops on campus and runs 24/7 every 10-15 minutes. There are three grocery stores on this bus line making it convenient to serve students’ needs. 

The 48 bus route goes to Shaker Square, a popular neighborhood for students to live in and has several stops on campus. It comes every 20-30 minutes during peak times. 

The 9 bus route runs on Mayfield road to Euclid road from the eastern suburbs to the Cleveland Clinic. It has several stops on campus. It comes every 30 minutes during peak times. 

The 32 bus route serves Cedar road from the eastern suburbs to the Cleveland Clinic. It has a few stops on the southern part of the campus. 

The Rapid

The Rapid has two red line stops on campus, the Cedar University stop and the Little Italy stop. The red line goes downtown, to West 25th Street, and to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It comes every 10-15 minutes from early morning until late night, seven days a week.