Spring 2020 Academic Awards for Continuing Students

College of Arts and Sciences Awards


The Noah L. Butkin Award (Book Award) for the best term paper on an art history topic written by an undergraduate student: Morgan McCommon

The Friends of Art Prize (Monetary Award) for outstanding contribution to the arts community by an Undergraduate art history major or minor: Aleksa Sorgatz



The Arnold Phillip Award (Monetary Award) for excellence in art: Nathan Carmichael

The William Grauer Award (Monetary Award) for excellence in art studio courses: Dylan Rasmussen & Sammy Armstrong



The J. Paul Visscher Memorial Award of the Cleveland Audubon Society (Monetary Award) to the student who demonstrates outstanding ability and promise in the field of ecology or environmental science: Katherine Leone

The Michelson-Morley Undergraduate Research Prize (Monetary Award) for outstanding research presentations, funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Jack Kincaid



The Analytical Chemistry Award (Subscription Award): Jasmine King

The Carl F. Prutton Prize (Monetary Award) for scholarship in chemistry to a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree: David Yan

The Ignacio Ocasio Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award (Handbook Award) for the highest achievement in freshman chemistry: Carly Tucci

The Iota Sigma Pi/Frank Hovorka Prize (Monetary Award) to the woman chemistry major with the highest average after three semesters: Annabella DeBernardo & Jasmine King

The Mateescu Citizenship Award (Monetary Award): Naishka Caldero Rodriguez & Linh Nguyen

The Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence (Certificate): Anatole Borisov

The Olin Freeman Tower Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in physical chemistry: Anatole Borisov

The W.R. Veazey Prize (Monetary Award) to the student with the highest academic achievement in physical chemistry courses: Collin Merrick



The Florence Appelbaum Greenbaum Scholarship (Scholarship) for students studying in Classics: Angela Kang & Jillian White

The Kathleen S. and Frederick C. Crawford Summer Scholarship (Scholarship) to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Alexander Cabulong, Henry Grome, and Alexander Kritikos



The Arnaud Gelb Journalism Award (Monetary Award) for the best nonfiction story under 500 words: Yvonne Pan & Aimee Wiencek

The Arnaud Gelb Journalism Award (Monetary Award) for the best nonfiction story over 500 words: Jordan Reif

The Arnaud Gelb Journalism Award (Monetary Award) for the best sports story: David Chang

The Edith Garber Krotinger Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in creative writing: James Fox, Masha Goykhberg, and Caedmon Mills

The Finley Foster/Emily M. Hills Poetry Prize (Monetary Award) for the best poem or group of poems:

Adam Benjamin

Kevin Pataroque

David Chang

Yanqingyun Sun

The Helen B. Sharnoff Award (Monetary Award) for formal poetry submitted by undergraduate students: Adam Benjamin & Talia Eshenbaugh

The Holden Prize (Monetary Award) for the best English paper written by an upper-class student: James Fox, Cassandra Knaggs, and Jennifer Marer

The Nemet Scholarship (Scholarship) for demonstration of excellence in creative writing: 

Adam Benjamin

Sammy Sizemore

Nathan Nagvajara

Yanqingyun Sun

Malcolm Neale




The John Hall Stewart Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in historical studies: Sarah Powell & Kellyn Toombs

The Sigma Psi Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in history: Songgu Cai & Jasmine Cuenca



The Eudese and Elmer Paull Prize (Monetary Award): Keren Moiseev, Julia Silverstein, and Hugh Smith

The Ira and Ruth Bressler Prize (Monetary Award): Hallana Beck & Alan Kronenberg



The Max Morris Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in mathematics to a student pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree: Michael Judkovich

The Chair's Award (Monetary Award) to a student contributing to the intellectual life of the majors program: Kieran Gallagher & Archie West



The Arabic Book Prize (Monetary Award) for high achievement in Arabic: Ryan Arvizu

The French Book Prize (Monetary Award) for high achievement in French: Jumoke Adebulu

The German Book Prize (Monetary Award) for high achievement in German: Ben Cheng

The Italian Book Prize (Book Award) for high achievement in Italian: 

Alex Clampffer

Rocco Scarselletta

Kristen Elsner

Joseph Shulik

Fernanda Peralta

Abraham Wolpert

The Japanese Book Prize (Monetary Award) for high achievement in Japanese:

Jesse Cvelbar

Yuhan Xia

Yinfeng Xia

Di Xu

The Spanish Book Prize (Monetary Award) for high achievement in Spanish: Rachel Aaron & Yusra Rafeeqi

The Emile B. DeSauze Award (Monetary Award) for attaining the highest honors in modern languages and literatures: Joseph Laurienzo

The Spanish Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in Spanish: Eliana Castillo & Peter Chin



The Charles E. Clemens Prize (Monetary Award) for talent and accomplishment in music: Alex Lenhart

The Ronis Recital Prize (Monetary Award) to an outstanding undergraduate majoring in music who has made an exceptional contribution to the musical life of the university and has been selected, by audition, to perform in the Leonard and Joan Ronis Annual Memorial recital: Karen Ji & Diane Jo



The Truman P. Handy Philosophical Prize to an outstanding junior for excellence in philosophy: Jeremy Rodrigues



The Albert A. Michelson Prize (Monetary Award) awarded upon completion of the junior year to a physics major who has demonstrated superior performance: Ryan Buechele & Benjamin Cheung

The Donald E. Schuele Award (Monetary Award) for an outstanding junior majoring in engineering physics: Skylar Dannhoff

The Richard F. Sigal Physics Scholarship (Monetary Award) to a physics student who has demonstrated excellence in their studies and intends to pursue a career in physics: Skylar Dannhoff



The Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Award (Monetary Award) for outstanding academic performance in psychology: Isabella Beninate

The National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association Award (Book Award) for outstanding leadership and achievement in communication sciences: Susan Wong



The Mark Lefton Award (Monetary Award) for excellence in sociological studies: Jasmine Cuenca, Yihong Nie, and Rochelle Stephens

The Robert C. Davis Award (Monetary Award) for demonstrated commitment to sociological studies: Obasi Ndukwe

The Stella Berkeley-Friedman Award (Monetary Award) to a senior for the highest academic achievement in the study of sociology: Maria Fallavollita & Isa Malik


Case School of Engineering


The Cristina A. Camardo Award (Gift award) to a biomedical engineering student in recognition of his or her leadership and service within the university community: Shwetha Ramachandran & Keyvon Rashidi

The Outstanding Senior Project AwardRyan Kocevar



The Chemical Engineering Award (Monetary Award) for the Outstanding Sophomore Student: Greer Donnalley, Raj Mukkamala, and Max Pennington

The Chemical Engineering Award (Monetary Award) for the Outstanding Junior Student: 

Colin Crago

Sophia Poppenberg

Kiera Olson

Alexandra Welsh

The Monroe J. Bahnsen Award (Monetary Award) for achievement in chemical engineering whose work in design and research projects has been outstanding: Jadon Wolf



The Allison C. Neff Prize (Monetary Award) in recognition of high proficiency in professional studies and participation in professional activities to a junior majoring in civil engineering: Akwasi Duah, Christopher Lemley, and Luke Traverso

The Craig J. Miller Memorial Award (Monetary Award) to an undergraduate or graduate in the general field of civil engineering who has shown outstanding academic achievement: Elizabeth White

The Harry R. Nara ’46 Prize (Monetary Award) to an undergraduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering who embodies the dedication and spirit of Professor Harry R. Nara ’46: Colin Allen 

The Roy Harley Prize to a promising student in civil engineering: Eric Maccaro & Cameron White



The Andrew R. Jennings Award (Monetary Award) to the senior for excellence in computer science: Ellis Saupe



The Andrew R. Jennings Award (Monetary Award) to the senior for excellence in computer engineering: Carter Hoon

The Chairman’s Award (Monetary Award) to a student in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering who shows exceptional academic or leadership potential: Hunter Stecko

The Donald P. Eckman Award (Monetary Award) to the outstanding senior in systems and control engineering: Joseph Recchia

The Electrical Engineering Service Award (Monetary Award) to the student performing outstanding service to his or her class: Jessica Harding

National Electrical Engineering Consortium William L. Everitt Award (Monetary Award) to a student who has excelled academically in communications or computers: Ryan Burns

The Undergraduate Alumni Capital Award (Monetary Award) in Systems and Control Engineering to a senior for academic excellence and professional promise: Rory Owen


Weatherhead School of Management


The Apple Growth Partners Scholar Award (Monetary Award) to a junior, senior, or Master of Accountancy accounting major with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher and who has displayed high ethics and strong leadership skills in student organizations: Sarah Hamilton

The Beta Alpha Psi Scholars Recognition Award (Monetary Award) for outstanding scholarship among members of the Pi Chapter: Jacob Berg

The Cohen & Co. Award: (Monetary Award) Samantha Dubmar

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The Deloitte Award (Monetary Award) to an outstanding junior majoring in accounting: Aletheia Uechi

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The EY Award: (Monetary Award) Antonio Ionadi

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The KPMG Award: (Monetary Award) Jacob Berg

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The Meaden & Moore Award: (Monetary Award) Wendy You

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The Plante Moran Award: (Monetary Award) Jordan Gross & J'Niah Johnston

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The PwC Award: (Monetary Award) Seldon Magruder

The Dean’s Award in Accounting/The Marcum Award: (Monetary Award) Natalie Walton

The Wallach-Lee Families Scholarship Award: (Scholarship) Shannon McGarry & Alexander Stasko

The Institute of Management Accountants CMA Scholarship: (Exam Fee Waiver) Natalie Walton



The Economics Department Award for Service (Monetary Award): 

Beth Canel

Claire Jeffress

Jason Guo

Steven Nyeo

The Gardiner Scholarship (Scholarship) to a junior majoring in economics who is also interested in finance: Elias Abboud

The Howard T. McMyler Award (Monetary Award) to an outstanding junior majoring in economics: Andrew Ford

The James Dysart Magee Award (Monetary Award) to an outstanding student in economics for the senior year: Kieran Gallagher

The Marvin J. Barloon Award (Book Award) for outstanding performance in economics:

Jad Daw

Reese Puntus

Miranda Deppisch

Trey Razanauskas

Naomi Kane

Nicholas Rowe

Marisa Katz

Mark Swiler

Max Liu

Kasey Vangelov



The Kevin J. Semelsberger Prize (Monetary Award) for excellence in management: 

Zineb Benkirane

Travis Johnston

John Fissel

Sam Nalli


The Robert O. Berger, Jr. Award to a junior who demonstrates overall achievement in scholarship, as well as notable community participation and leadership: Sam Chaffee


Collegiate Awards

The Alexandra Piepho Learning and Life Scholarship to the student who demonstrates enthusiasm for experiential learning and life, provides guidance to others and exhibits a broad scope of learning interests: Jasmine Haraburda



December 6, 2019 


Engineering Poster Competition: 

1st (tie)- Bailey Flint (Portable Neonatal Hypothermia Device. Faculty Mentor: Colin Drummond, Biomedical Engineering Department.)


Life Sciences Poster Competition: 

2nd- Brian Zhang (Wnt-induced excessive lipolysis drives fat loss in skin fibrosis. Faculty Mentor: Radhika Atit, Biology Department.)




April 27, 2020


Arts & Humanities: 

1st- Joshua Breckenridge, The Role of the Roman Government within the Grain Market during the Beginning of the Roman Empire.  Faculty Mentor: Evelyn Adkins, Classics Department.


Biological Sciences: 

1st- Jack Kincaid, Diet-Induced Obesity Accelerates Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Development and Reduces Survival Rate in Mice.  Faculty Mentor: Nathan Berger.

2nd- Michelle Helou, Caveolin Mediates HIV Endocytosis in an Intestinal Epithelial Monolayer via Lipid Rafts.  Faculty Mentor: Alan Levine.  Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology.


Design & Innovation: 

1st- Bailey Flint, Portable Neonatal Hypothermia Therapy Device.  Faculty Mentor: Colin Drummond and Matthew Williams, Biomedical Engineering Department. 



2nd- Jackson Routhier, Core Temperature Monitoring Device for Athletes.  Faculty Mentor: Colin Drummond and Matthew Williams, Department of Biomedical Engineering.


Physical Science & Mathematics: 

1st- Jared May, Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth and Characterization of ZnGeGa2N4.  Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Kash, Physics Department.



The Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Memorial Scholarship (Monetary Award) for significant contributions to campus life, scholarship and, community service:

Haneen Abdel-Nabi

Joel Fuentes

Jamie Booker

Richard Gilmore-Vega

Wintana Eyob

Jiara Sanders


The Joseph Skigin Memorial Award (Scholarship) to an outstanding pre-medical student for the senior year: Anitra Karthic

The Peter Witt Scholarship (Scholarship) to deserving students who demonstrate a vital and active interest in the improvement of life in Cleveland: 

Robert Bruno

Joy Mason

Jasmine Cuenca

Malcolm Neale

Sriya Donthi

Nikaya Polsani

Richard Gilmore-Vega

Kristen Sanford

Jasmine Haraburda

Chloe Van Dorn

Anitra Karthic

Susan Wong

Jack Kincaid


The Stanley E. Wertheim Prize (Monetary Award) for an outstanding junior in the Case School of Engineering who has demonstrated leadership skills through involvement in campus or co-op activities: Bailey Flint

The Harriet Levion Pullman Award (Monetary Award) to a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences for outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service: Claire Jeffress

The Louis K. Levy Prize (Monetary Award) to an outstanding junior in the College of Arts and Sciences: Neil Rana

The George T. Hunt Junior Award (Monetary Award) to a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences for outstanding leadership, scholarship, and service: Carrie Stenger

The Phi Beta Kappa Prize (Book Award) to the sophomores with the best academic record in a liberal arts curriculum after three semesters:

Varun Aysola

Gabrielle Bais

Brendan Bourges-Sevenier

Jessica Bumgarner

Songgu Cai

Langdon Caldwell

Aritra Chakraborty

Peter Chin

Afriti Chinoy

Francesca Conti

Sophia Damico

Annabella DeBernardo

Tara Dickinson

Beatriz Feijo

James FitzGibbon

Fiona Fragomen

Min Gao

Elizabeth Heiny

C.J. Hill

Justin Hu

Fabiana Irigoyen

Karen Ji

Shuo Jiang

Ramona Johnson

Habin Jung

Marie Kallay

Noah Kamm

Graham Kang

Hannah Kang

Erryk Katayama

David Kim

Alexander Kritikos

Sophie Catherine Kushman

Olivia Laniak

Nicolas Larkin

Dev Laungani

Kristen Lay

Theresa Lee

Veronica Madell

Henry Maher

Emerson McGinnis

Jessica Meng

Olivia Min

Anton Molnar

Alexandra Muehleisen

Prerna Muthyala

Amog Mysore

Nathan Nadler

Grace Olson

Issra Osman

Jialing Pan

Nikhil Parail

Jordan Perez

Sarah Powell

Owen Price

Reese Puntus

Shwetha Ramachandran

Nicholas RochaKim

Nathan Ruhde

Ana Scherf

Macin Sheeder

Josie Shiff

Allison Siekmann

Maeve Slife

Kevin Telfer

Kellyn Toombs

Mayura Umapathy

Christiana Wang

Daniel Warner

Sarah Wegman

Jakob Wegmueller

Desmond Weisenberg

Timothy Winschel

Camille Witt

Amy Wu

Samuel Young

Lucy Zheng

Yiyang Zhi


Best academic record awards to the sophomores and juniors who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 4.000 without course withdrawals or use of the Pass/No Pass option

The Outstanding Sophomore Awards of the Weatherhead School of Management (Gift Award):

Kyler Barnard

Jenna Ruccolo

Elisabeth Chillrud

Ziyi Zhang

Hazel Luong

Margaret Zimmer


The Outstanding Junior Awards of the Weatherhead School of Management (Gift Award): John Fissel, Travis Johnston, and Sam Nalli

The Outstanding Sophomore Awards of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (Gift Award):

Andriana Ashley

Katherine Smersfelt

Megan Finnerty

Emily Van Pyrz

Hannah Gullo

Madison Weldon

Sarah Ng

Alec Winpenny

Claire Pratt

Jessica Zhu

Natalie Rothrock


The Outstanding Junior Awards of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (Gift) for the students who have attained the highest academic record at the junior level: Caroline Dudenhoeffer & Hannah Robinson

The Outstanding Sophomore Awards of the Case School of Engineering (Gift Award)

Erol Balkovic Jacob Baraz
Richard Chen Wonyoung Choi
Taylor Clark Kehley Coleman
Meira Farhi Luis Forteza
Gershon Gilman Hein Htet Aung
Alec Johnson Brinda Kapur
Zach Karlsen Ryan Karpuszka
Tyler Kovach Quang Le
Rachel LeBlanc Shiqi Li
Marcus Lin David Liu
Liam Matthews Eric Metz
Raj Mukkamala Nicholas Nazak
Megan Nellis Jacob Pabia
Kaixin Pan Parth Patel
Shyam Polaconda Alice Qian
Shwetha Ramachandran Alex Rambasek
Ananya Sahu Karl Scherf
Michael Sturdevant Fayez Syed
Colb Uhlemann David Valencia
Thomas Varley Benjamin Voth
Daniel Warner Elizabeth White
Jonathan Yn Samuel Young
Justin Yun Sarah Yurick
Ningjing Zhang  

The Outstanding Junior Awards of the Case School of Engineering (Gift Award): 

Mauricio Beltran Del Salto Ryan Burns
Hobart Chen Eena Cheng
Colin Crago Bill Ding
Marlee Dingle Jacob Engelbrecht
Ben Ferreri Dallan Goldblatt
Ilissa Hamilton Emma Hammelef
Timothy Jin Brian Kent
Austin Keppers Aparna Paul
Nicholas Pogharian Sophia Poppenberg
Adam Rice Nathaniel Salopek
Josef Scheidt William Schwartzman
Hunter Stecko Zane Varner
Matthew Vasil Calvin Vuong
Abigail Waltz Stephanie Yang
Benjamin Young  

The Outstanding Junior Awards of the College of Arts and Sciences (Gift Award): 

Nadia Abbass Katherine Anderson
Kyle Barclay Olivia Battistoni
Virginia Behmer Ryan Buechele
Melissa Carr Benjamin Cheung
Abigail Cross Jasmine Cuenca
Jad Daw Emma DiLavore
Jacqueline Diaz Sriya Donthi
Maria Fallavollita James Fox
Joshua Holmes Wayne Hou
Michael Judkovich Anitra Karthic
Andy Kim Jack Kincaid
Jasmine King Yash Kumar
Rita Lakhssassi Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Liu Aditya Mahesh
Isa Malik Nicole Palmer
Anastasia Petropoulos Nicholas Pogharian
Amulya Prabhala Ricardo Ramirez
Jackson Rudoff Daniel Shao
Joseph Shulik Caroline Theile
Makala Wang Eli Weiskirch
Ruiqi Wen Aaron Wise
Xinrong Yang Benjamin Young
Brian Zhang Gloria Zhang
Lily Zheng