CWRU Employees

Budgeting for College

Employees, as well as, spouses and dependents of employees have an opportunity to pursue their education at Case Western Reserve University through the Tuition Waiver Program.

‌Case Western Reserve University offers courses to university employees who want to attend classes as a non-degree seeking student, an undergraduate student, or a student pursuing a graduate degree. The Undergraduate Advising Support Office is responsible for programs related to undergraduate coursework only.

Employees who want to take graduate-level coursework are encouraged to visit the Registrar, the School of Graduate Studies, or the individual schools for more information.

Employees who have never taken classes through the university are encouraged to follow the procedures outlined on the Registrar's website. There are specific guidelines for employees who wish to enroll as an undergraduate degree-seeking student or non-degree student.

Employees who wish to formally apply for admission must do so through the Office of Undergraduate Admission as stated on the Registrar's website. Once approved, course materials will be forwarded on to our office for enrollment follow up.

Learn more about staff education benefits on the Human Resources website.