Global Health Corps Fellowship

Website Eligibility Deadline Undergraduate/Graduate Students TBA (typically mid-Jan.)


Global Health Corps (GHC) is building the next generation of diverse health leaders. They offer a range of paid fellowship positions with health organizations in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia and the opportunity to develop as a transformative leader in the health equity movement.


According to their website, “All Global Health Corps fellows are motivated, intelligent, and believe health is a human right. They come from diverse backgrounds, and vary in educational experience, professional expertise, and personal story. Whether they have a background in management, education, research, technology or another field, each fellow brings a unique perspective to their Placement Organization and the GHC community. Fellows have meaningful impact on their Placement Organization during the fellowship year, while developing leadership skills and relationships within a supportive community that will prepare them for deepened impact on global health over the course of their careers.

By the start of the fellowship, fellows must:

  • Be 30 years or younger.
  • Hold a bachelor’s or undergraduate university degree.
  • Be proficient in English.

Application and Timeline

The application includes the following information:

  • Personal Information
  • Demographic Information
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Employment
  • GHC Community Essays
  • Position Selection and Essays
  • Recommendation Form

To learn more about the application and timeline, please visit this website.

Value of the Award

In addition to the intensive leadership development and professional growth that the fellowship offers, the Global Health Corps fellowship includes the following benefits:

  • Monthly living stipend
  • Award of $1500 upon successful completion of the fellowship year
  • Housing, including utilities assistance
  • Health or travel medical insurance
  • Support in applying for visas and/or work permits, as necessary
  • Travel costs covered to and from placement site, GHC training and retreats
  • Professional development funds of up to $600

To learn more, please visit this website.


Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page or email