Choices Fair

The annual Choices Fair is an opportunity for you to learn about the nearly 100 majors and minors at Case Western Reserve University. Faculty representatives from every academic department will be on hand to answer questions at this engaging event. 

You will also have a chance to discover some of the experiential education and extracurricular opportunities the university offers as members from student academic groups, multicultural clubs and community service organizations will be in attendance. Staff representing opportunities for study abroad, undergraduate research, career services and more will also be present.

Event Details

Details about the fall 2022 Choices Fair will be available early in the fall semester.

First-year students may be expected to attend the Choices Fair as a part of their SAGES First Seminar "Fourth Hour." The Choices Fair is also a great opportunity for second-year students that are still exploring possible majors and minors.

    Here are the steps to attend the virtual Choices Fair in CampusGroups:

    1. Sign in to CampusGroups at
    2. From the left-hand menu, select "Virtual Fairs" and then "Choices Fair"
    3. Select a "Zone" from the map to find departments, organizations and resources
    4. Or, search by keyword in the "List of Programs" using the search bar or another filter
    5. Click anywhere on a booth to view more details
    6. Learn about the program and scroll for links to more resources, handouts and video conferencing details
    7. During the live portion of the event, representatives may be available by text or video chat. The details will be in their booth.
    8. Don't forget to click the "I'm interested" button
    9. If you have questions during the fair, visit the "Information Booth" to open a chat box with fair staff

    Following the Choices Fair, departments and organizations host events to help you continue to explore your interests. Consider attending these events to learn more and confirm your interests.

      Details for Faculty and Staff

      Faculty and staff are invited each year to host a booth at the Choices Fair. Our registration form will be available early in the fall 2022 semester.

      Resources for Virtual Booth Hosts

      There are resources available to assist faculty and staff with configuring their virtual booth for the Choices Fair:

      Recommendations for SAGES Faculty

      Here are some helpful tips and techniques to encourage student engagement with the fair and maximize their experience.

      • Remind students to register in CampusGroups and share the Choices Fair webpage for additional information on participation.  
      • Have students develop a list of program resources or booths they’d like to visit during the fair.
      • Encourage students to share their experiences at the fair. This could be through check-in conversations at the beginning of class, discussion board posts, or brief reflections.
      • Consider having students attend as a “group.” Students could gather as a class and engage in the fair, using headphones to allow for Zoom conversations without disrupting one another.

      Faculty and staff can direct questions about the Choices Fair to