Who would have thought?: Case Western Reserve University Annual Report 2010-11
As of Jan. 1, 2012
Barbara R. Snyder President
William A. Baeslack III Provost and Executive Vice President
Christine Ash Vice President, University Planning
Richard W. Bischoff Vice President, Enrollment Management
Robert Clarke Brown Treasurer
Stephen M. Campbell Vice President, Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Pamela B. Davis Dean, School of Medicine, and Vice President, Medical Affairs
Jeffrey L. Duerk Dean, Case School of Engineering
Donald L. Feke Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
David Fleshler Associate Provost, International Affairs
Grover C. Gilmore Dean, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
Jerold S. Goldberg Dean, School of Dental Medicine
Lev S. Gonick Vice President, Information Technology Services, and Chief Information Officer
Carolyn Gregory Vice President, Human Resources
Richard J. Jamieson Vice President, Campus Services
Lara A. Kalafatis Vice President, University Relations
Elizabeth Keefer General Counsel and Secretary of the University
Mary E. Kerr Dean, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Bruce A. Loessin Senior Vice President, University Relations and Development
Robert H. Miller Vice President, Research
Lawrence E. Mitchell Dean, School of Law
Marilyn Sanders Mobley Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Glenn Nicholls Vice President, Student Affairs
Mohan Reddy Dean, Weatherhead School of Management
Charles Rozek Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Chris Sheridan Vice President, University Marketing and Communications, and
Senior Adviser to the President
John F. Sideras Senior Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
Lynn T. Singer Deputy Provost and Vice President, Academic Programs
Sally J. Staley Chief Investment Officer
Cyrus C. Taylor Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
John D. Wheeler Senior Vice President, Administration
Jeffrey Wolcowitz Dean, Undergraduate Studies
As of Jan. 1, 2012
Charles “Bud” J. Koch Chair of the Board
Virginia N. Barbato
James L. Bildner
Linda Burnes Bolton
William E. Bruner II
Timothy J. Callahan
John P. Campi
Kenneth B. Chance
Michael G. Cherkasky
Archie G. Co
David A. Daberko
James C. Diggs
Thalia Dorwick
Ronald I. Dozoretz
Gregory L. Eastwood
Charles D. Fowler
Vincent A. Gaudiani
Julie L. Gerberding
Susie Gharib
Joie A. Gregor
Sally Gries
Charles E. Hallberg
Daniel P. Harrington
W. Nicholas Howley
David P. Hunt
Jennie S. Hwang
Samir N. Jadallah
Mary Ann Jorgenson
Hemant Kanakia
Joseph P. Keithley
Caroline Kovac
Frank Linsalata
George L. Majoros Jr.
Joseph M. Mandato
Thomas F. McKee
Brian J. Ratner
Joseph B. Richey
Joseph A. Sabatini
Theodore L. Schroeder
Alan L. Schwartz
Lawrence M. Sears
Barbara R. Snyder, ex officio
Andrew Wasynczuk
Scott A. Wolstein
James C. Wyant

For a listing of the most current trustees, including emeriti, please visit case.edu/bot.

Who would have thought…

The world doesn’t float in a sea of ether.
Hand washing can stem infections.
Cholesterol contributes to heart disease.

We did.