A home for humanities students

Inside Tinkham Veale University Center

You may have heard the saying “a house has four walls but a home has so much more.” 

There’s a similar phenomenon on the Case Western Reserve University campus. 

Our campus has classrooms, tree-filled quads, residence halls, dining halls... Our campus home has people who support you, ideas that inspire you, and the tools and access you need to take your next step with confidence.

That’s what you’ll find at CWRU’s Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, a true home for students studying the humanities, arts and social sciences. 

The Baker-Nord Center is the heart of CWRU humanistic inquiry.

  • Cohort experiences like the Baker-Nord Scholars Program that supplement your academic experience and foster interdisciplinary connections across the campus and the community


  • Events like “Recognizing Shakespeare in Twenty-First Century Film and Television” that stimulate your intellectual self


  • Stipends that fund the internships and research projects that bolster your real-world experience


  • Programming like Humanities@Work that connect you with professionals in corporate, government, nonprofit and other sectors for community discussions, networking events and paid career opportunities.

Explore our CWRU home. Take a virtual tour and join us for an online event.