It’s not that you can do research. You WILL do research.

Students in a science lab

When Alice Lo was searching for the right college experience, she knew that Case Western Reserve University was the place for her. 

“I chose CWRU because of the amazing research opportunities that I could
pursue as an undergraduate,”
 she says.

So Alice jumped into research with both feet, working in a glioblastoma lab at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute in just her second semester.

She is now in her third year at Case Western Reserve, majoring in biology and biochemistry with a minor in chemistry, and her participation in undergraduate research has had a big impact on her education.

“It is so much fun to conduct experiments to find the knowledge that no one else knew before,” she says. “It's completely changed how I view education. I found a number of ways to apply what I learned in a classroom to my research.”

Alice is also co-president of CWRU’s Undergraduate Research Society, an organization dedicated to inspiring, supporting and developing a higher caliber of CWRU undergraduate researchers.

Want to take on research, as early as your first year? At CWRU you will. 

And because 81 percent of CWRU students take part in research and creative endeavors, you will find that your friends here will share your experience and support you along your journey.