Undergrads master MBA-level competition

Peter B Lewis building

CWRU encourages and refines our critical-thinking skills and instills in us the work ethic and desire to succeed.
—Andrew Lease, senior

For the second consecutive year, Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management dominated the ACG Cup Competition, winning both first and second places.

ACG is a case study competition where teams are given a real-world business scenario and present their recommendations to a group of judges, who are professionals in the mergers and acquisitions industry. It’s intended for MBA students, but two CWRU undergraduates made a particularly strong showing this winter: Seniors Adam Zybko and Andrew Lease participated on the five-person team that took home second-place honors.

How did they excel in a competition for master’s-level students? Adam says it’s all about the preparation. 

“Our undergraduate class covered a lot of the concepts involved in the competition,” he says. So his professor, Scott Fine, knew the school could be confident in adding bachelor’s candidates to the mix. 

“ACG is a well-known event nationally, so it's a great opportunity for undergraduates pursuing careers in finance and investment banking to gain experience and exposure,” says Adam, who has accepted a position in banking in Chicago. 

Mastering the masters. Beautiful.