Focus and Goals

The focus of the Department of Dance, which is composed of the Graduate Dance Training Program and an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program, has always been on contemporary dance. Areas of emphasis in the MFA and MA degree programs include choreography, performance and pedagogy with an emerging emphasis in dancer wellness, medicine, and science. Our undergraduate students are immersed in a strong liberal arts education, the core of which is the unique Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship (SAGES).

Dance at Case Western Reserve has always facilitated an intense interaction between students and faculty, ensuring quality education and personal attention while also providing an environment for healthy and rigorous physical training, varied performance opportunities and creative investigation in the choreographic process.

Our Goals

  • To provide performance opportunities in works by noted choreographers, faculty, and peers to broaden and intensify the repertory and transformative performing experience for undergraduates and graduates and community participants.
  • To increase laboratory teaching experiences for the graduate student by affording undergraduate teaching opportunities as well as choreographing and overseeing the undergraduate performance ensemble.
  • To provide quality physical training in dance by incorporating vigorous and thoughtful cross training based on quantifiable, professional evaluations.
  • To strengthen and maintain existing alliances with area, regional, and state dance organizations and arts organizations and seek alliances where cosponsoring may serve broader audiences.
  • To broaden, strengthen, and expand working relationships with other non-local institutions and to establish new associations.
  • To support undergraduate exposure to a wider range of dance forms through student groups where possible.
  • Ensure heightened perceptivity of aesthetic and kinesiological principles.
  • To maintain ongoing review of curriculum as it relates to the development of dance in the 21st century.
  • To carry forth, with continual reflection upon and acknowledgement of the excellence of the program, and thus promote both the department, college and university on a national and international level.