Undergraduate Degrees

The Department of Dance offers both strong technique training and theoretical studies as well as performing opportunities for undergraduates who wish to continue dancing as an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University.

Dance Major (Bachelor of Arts in Dance)

Like some other majors offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the dance major requires 41 credits along with the other SAGES and university requirements. Not only do undergraduate students work with the faculty but also interface with many of the graduate students in some classes, rehearsals, and performance opportunities.

Dance Minor (Minor in Dance)

The dance minor is intended for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing dance along with their other studies. The minor (18 hours) typically consists of technique classes but may include other classes in the department. 


Any student in the university may enroll in lower level technique classes. Students who are granted applicable consent may register for intermediate and upper level classes.

Non-majors are encouraged to participate in Mather Dance Collective. Selected students may be invited to participate in other performing opportunities.

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