Gary Galbraith receives the Expanding Horizons Initiative Award

Photo of Gary Galbraith

Congratulations to Gary Galbraith on receiving the Expanding Horizons Initiative Award for a new choreography project. The title of the choreography project is “Immersive Dance Performance: Using laser projection, motion tracking, and spatial audio in dance.”

Dance uses many fundamental forms to communicate including human experience, movement, time, space, energy, sound, and image.   Advances in technology allow dance artists to expand and augment these forms in the live performance experience.   The implementation of technologies in dance has influenced and benefited the art form itself since technology-infused dances could not be done without the technological advancements and creative integrations.

Artists within the multidisciplinary team have developed several technology-infused dances including the use of high-speed network technologies, infrared motion tracking, and even holographic imagery live on stage with dancers.  For this project, a new dance is to be created that uses laser projections, new light sensing motion tracking technology, and spatial sound.  By capitalizing on the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach, not only will the technology aid in enhancing the audience experience but also inform and influence the creative process.


  • Michael Martens, Professor, Physics
  • Jared Bendis, Creative New Media Officer, Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship