About Us

The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is designed to promote the success of Case Western Reserve University students. Although a majority of the participants have graduated from Cleveland-area high schools, we welcome applicants from other parts of Ohio and from out of state.

ESP students tend to be the first in their families to attend college, and most of them have not enjoyed the educational opportunities available to the majority of Case Western Reserve undergraduates. Despite these obstacles, they graduate from the university at higher rates than their non-ESP peers do, excel in a variety of fields and often go on to pursue advanced degrees.

From the start of their college careers, ESP students receive intensive academic and emotional support. They work closely with the program’s leaders, who advocate on their behalf, provide encouragement and guidance and connect them with resources across the university. Students learn how to build mentoring relationships with their professors and develop a strong peer support network. When necessary, the program helps students reassess their intended majors and career plans, and it exposes them to a wide range of opportunities, including research positions and summer internships.

Although ESP is administered and funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, the program is open to students pursuing any undergraduate degree at Case Western Reserve. Twelve entering students are admitted to the program each year.