From its inception in 2011, the Emerging Scholars Program at Case Western Reserve has collaborated with programs and offices across the university. Several of our partners conduct workshops during our annual summer bridge session, offering guidance on such topics as study strategies, course selection, financial aid, career planning and wellness. In the process, they begin forging relationships with our students and helping them develop a sense of belonging to the campus community. By the end of the summer, our students know where to turn for support at Case Western Reserve. 

Over the years, our network of partners has gradually expanded. For example:

  • In 2020, the Schubert Center for Child Studies launched an initiative to expand research opportunities for ESP students. The Schubert Research Fellows program matches selected students with faculty members whose work concerns child and adolescent well-being. In addition to recruiting faculty participants, the Schubert Center solicits applications from our students, conducts interviews and organizes a forum for research presentations. It also provides the students with a stipend, making undergraduate research an option for those who need to earn money to cover their college expenses. During the program’s inaugural year, three ESP students served as Schubert Research Fellows: Zhara Edwards (anthropology), Aniya Martinez (communication sciences) and Eduardo Williams-Medina (nutritional biochemistry and metabolism). 
  • In 2021, faculty members from the departments of biology, chemistry and biochemistry established Interdisciplinary Research at the Interface of Health Science and the Environment (IRIHSE), a summer program in which underrepresented minority students work with faculty mentors in two different labs during five-week rotations. The students receive a stipend as well as campus housing. The initial cohort of IRIHSE participants included four ESP students who had just completed their first year at Case Western Reserve: pre-med students Justin Creary, Danyel Crosby and Brahaan Singh, and nursing student Yongshan Mei

We are deeply grateful to all our partners for their commitment to our students: