With the Emerging Scholars Program’s support, ESP students have achieved graduation rates well above those of Case Western Reserve students in general.

  • Our six-year graduation rate is 92%, compared to 85% for all CWRU students. The six-year graduation rate is the standard metric used by colleges and universities to measure and compare bachelor’s degree completion.
  • Our five-year graduation rate is 89%, compared to 84% for all CWRU students.
  • Our four-year graduation rate is 70%, compared to 69% for all CWRU students.

The data on underrepresented minority students reveals an even larger “ESP advantage.” Of those who entered the program between 2011 and 2016, 91% have graduated in six years or less, compared to 77% of underrepresented students not in ESP.

ESP alumni are also successful in their chosen career pathways. As of September 2023: 

  • 40% of ESP alumni are pursuing, or have obtained, at least one advanced degree.
  • 21% of all ESP alumni have graduated from, are currently enrolled in or have been accepted to academic or professional doctoral programs, seeking degrees in fields such as medicine, dentistry, audiology, epidemiology and law.
  • ESP alumni in computer science and engineering are working for companies such as Google, Netflix, PMI Industries and OverDrive.
  • In the healthcare field, ESP alumni include two physicians, two medical residents and several registered nurses.