Phil 336/436 Military Ethics, the Military Profession and International Law- Spring 2022

students sitting in a classroom

During the Spring 2022 semester, students at Case Western Reserve University in Phil 336/436: Military Ethics, the Military Profession, and International Law, had the opportunity to learn from Inamori Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Military Ethics, Prof. Pauline Shanks-Kaurin. The course focused on emerging and critical issues to Military Ethics including a focus on Ethics of Care, Moral Injury, and international perspectives in Just War Thinking. The course also focused on the Russo-Ukrainian War which erupted in hostilities after classes had begun. 

Guest speakers* who joined the course:

  • LTC Kevin Cutright, US Military Academy (West Point) Philosophy department, discussed his new book "Empathetic Soldier" and his experience in Iraq. 
  • Dr. Jeremy Davis, Post Doc University of Florida Philosophy department, discussed partiality and Military Humanitarian Intervention.
  • Dr. Chris Akersen. New York University, Center for Global Affairs, discussed the warrior archetype and its implications for contemporary warfare. 
  • Dr. Jessica Wolfendale, Chair Marquette University Philosophy department discussed her work on moral injury and moral health. 
  • Col. Jeff Schneider, Military Professor, College of Leadership and Ethics, US Naval War College, discussed the Profession of Arms and his command experience in Iraq. 
  • Col. Tyrell Mayfield, USAF serves as the co-editor of Redefining the Modern Military: The Intersection of Ethics and Profession, which was one of the texts for the course. His visit gave students a chance to engage directly with the process of writing about Military Ethics. 

*All military members appeared in their personal capacities and not as representatives of or speaking for their respective organizations; all views they expressed were their person views alone.