Celebration of Student Writing & Research

The Celebration of Student Writing & Research (CSWR) is a university-wide showcase of student writing and research projects. It encourages students to re-present and display their scholarly and creative work in formats other than word-processed letters and lines on the printed page. The showcase is held in conjunction with Research ShowCASE and the Intersections: SOURCE Undergraduate Symposium & Poster Session; it is co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Writing and SAGES.

All teachers of writing-intensive courses (along with their students), any Case Western Reserve student organization or group with an emphasis on writing, and SAGES seminars are invited and encouraged to participate in this intellectually rich and interdisciplinary event. The Celebration of Student Writing course/group presentations offer an entire class (or group of students) the opportunity to display and discuss their writing projects from the semester.

Additional information—including the CSWR Newsletter, advice for faculty about how to incorporate the CSWR into their courses, and other frequently asked questions—is available on the Writing Program Canvas site; email writing@case.edu for access.