Arts & Sciences Dissertation Seminar

Biannually since 1996, this program (formerly the Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Seminar), has been funding up to 12 graduate students at an early stage of work on the dissertation to participate in a semester-long seminar devoted to discussion of one another’s dissertation work and of the questions of method and purpose raised by “humanistic” scholarship more broadly. Students are selected from among applicants working in arts, humanities, and social science departments. A team of two faculty members—from two departments, thus representing two distinct methodologies—directs the seminar.

The purpose of the A&S Seminar is to speed the transition from course work and qualifying examinations to the kind of independent research and writing required to complete the dissertation. This can be a difficult transition, especially for students in the arts and humanities, where scholarly work still remains by and large individual and solitary. The A&S Seminar facilitates this transition by offering participants the collegiality and some of the structure of the graduate seminar–e.g., production deadlines, the opportunity to share and get feedback on their work, the obligation to engage critically and constructively with the work of their fellow seminarians. Such cross-disciplinary exchange increases participants’ understanding of the methodologies of their own chosen disciplines, and it enhances their ability to explain and defend their work in the larger arena of non-experts.

For more information, see the "A Meeting of Minds" page or contact Kim Emmons (

A&S Dissertation Seminar Fellows

2022-23 Fellows

  • Charlie Ericson (English)
  • Polina Ermoshkina (Sociology)
  • Chemning Han (Sociology)
  • Dane Harrison (Music)
  • Brooke Jesperson (Anthropology)
  • Sam Nemeth (Music)
  • Huangqi Jiang (Psychological Sciences)
  • Reema Sen (Sociology) 
  • Kimba Stahler (History)
  • Hayley Verdi (English) 

2020-21 Fellows

  • Casey Lynn Albitz (Sociology)
  • David Allen (History)
  • Sophie Benn (Music)
  • Sherri Bolcevic (History)
  • Aimee Caya (ArtHistory)
  • Nathan Dougherty (Music)
  • Wenxuan Huang( Sociology)
  • Luma Al Masarweh (Sociology)
  • Kelli Minelli (Music)
  • Taylor McClaskie (Music)
  • Brita Thielen (English)

2018-19 Fellows

  • Paul Abdullah (Music)
  • Dominique DeLuca (Music)
  • Philip Derbesy (English)
  • Julia Knopes (Anthropology)
  • Daniel Luttrull (English)
  • Elizabeth Nalepa (Sociology)
  • Melissa Pompili (English)
  • Stephanie Ruozzo (Music)
  • Yan Zhang (Anthropology)

2016-17 Fellows

  • Tirth Bhatta (Sociology)
  • Evan Chaloupka (English)
  • Kate Doyle (Music)
  • Joe Filous (History)
  • Peter Graff (Music)
  • Ray Horton (English)
  • Aaron Manela (Music)
  • John Romey (Music)
  • Allison Schlosser (Anthropology)
  • Alicia Smith-Tran (Sociology)
  • Jing Wang (Anthropology)

2014-15 Fellows

  • Michael Bane (Music)
  • Cara Byrne (English)
  • Ariel Cascio (Anthropology)
  • Eric Earnhardt (English)
  • Catherine Forsa (English)
  • John Frye (Bioethics)
  • Sarah Koopman Gonzalez (Anthropology)
  • Brian Macgilvray (Music)
  • Mandy Smith (Music)
  • Margaret Waltz (Sociology)

2012-13 Fellows

  • Alim Beveridge (Management)
  • Leah Branstetter (Music)
  • Devin Burke (Music)
  • Jason Carney (English)
  • Katherine Flach (Art History)
  • Armin Karim (Music)
  • Christina Larson (Art History)
  • Erik Miller (History)
  • Maia Noeder (Psychology)
  • Sarah Rubin (Anthropology)
  • Elizabeth Salem (History)

2010-11 Fellows

  • R. Wells Addington (English)
  • Daniel Anderson (English)
  • Dana E. Cowen (Art History)
  • Nadia El-Shaarawi (Anthropology)
  • Emily Hess (History)
  • Indra K. Lacis (Art History)
  • Rebecca Siders (Sociology)
  • Kelly St. Pierre (Music)
  • Joshua J. Terchek (Sociology)
  • Sarah C. Tomasewski (Music)
  • Tiffany Washington (Art History)

2007-08 Fellows

  • Lyz Bly (History)
  • Alex Bonus (Music)
  • Tami Gadbois (Art History)
  • James Melvin (Religion, U. Pennsylvania – nonfunded participant)
  • Tony Morris (Art History)
  • Eric Rose (Psychology)
  • Cathy Watkins (Art History)
  • Jonathan Wlasiuk (History)

2005-06 Fellows

  • Ellen Bortel (Art History)
  • Barbara Burgess-Van Aken (English)
  • Elizabeth Carpenter (Anthropology)
  • Katherine Clark (English)
  • Evelyn Kiefer (Art History)
  • Kate Masley (Anthropology)
  • Melisa Moore (Psych)
  • Joshua Palmer (History)
  • Benjamin Sperry (History)
  • Michael Weil (Art History)

2004-05 Fellows

  • Aaron Alcorn (History)
  • Brian Ballentine (English)
  • Darcy L. Brandel (English)
  • Narcisz Fejes (English)
  • Amy Gilman (Art History)
  • Kimberly Hyde (Art History)
  • Asdghig Karajayerlian (English)
  • Adam T. Perzynski (Sociology)
  • Gül Seckin (Sociology)

2003-04 Fellows

  • Maria Assif (English)
  • Seeshan Ahmad Butt (Psychology)
  • Rotem Gilbert (Music)
  • Eric Kendall (History)
  • Heather J. Kichner (English)
  • Loren Lovegreen (Sociology)
  • Kathryn McGowan (Anthropology)
  • Susan Martis (Art History)
  • Elizabeth Sirkin (English)
  • Geoff Zylstra (History)

2001-02 Fellows

  • Gregory Bodwell (History)
  • Margaret C. Cooney (Anthropology)
  • Meena Dasari (Psychology)
  • Juilee Decker (Art History)
  • Adam Gilbert (Music)
  • Katherine Kickel (English)
  • Amy H. McAlpine (English)
  • Susan Murname (History)
  • Brenda R. Smith (English)
  • Amy Wisniewski (Sociology)

2000-01 Fellows

  • Nina L. Aronoff (MSASS)
  • Heidi T. Chirayath (Sociology)
  • Siobhán M. Conaty (Art History)
  • Christopher T. Dole (Anthropology)
  • Tasslyn L. Frame (History)
  • Bernard L. Jim (History)
  • Kristine Kelly (English)
  • Daniel Kerr (History)
  • Traci Arnett Pipkins (English)
  • Brad J. Ricca (English)
  • Virginia Burns Spivey (Art History)
  • Christopher Stewart (English)

1997-98 Fellows

  • Patrick Shaw Cable (Art History)
  • Maryanne Cole (English)
  • David Hochfelder (History)
  • Susan Schmidt Horning (History)
  • John D. Kuijper (English)
  • Carla T. Kungl (English)
  • Jeannine A. O’Grody (Art History)
  • Micah Parzen (Anthropology)
  • Patrick J. Ryan (History)
  • John Schumacher (Sociology)
  • Stanton Thomas (Art History)
  • Rick Van Noy (English)

1996-97 Fellows

  • Jesse Ballenger (History)
  • Karen Churchill (Art History)
  • Jeffrey Grove (Art History)
  • Patrick Lublin (Anthropology)
  • Lisa Maruca (English)
  • Sara Meng (Art History)
  • Joan Organ (History)
  • Jeffry Schantz (English)
  • Ulrice Schultze (Management)
  • David Steingard (Management)
  • Joel Westwood (English)
  • Regina Williams (History)