Why Writers House?

Writers House puts writing on the map at Case Western Reserve University. Our historic building (Bellflower Hall, 11427 Bellflower Avenue) is both a gathering place for writers and a catalyst for our thriving culture of writing. Writers House embraces all forms of writing, reading, and creative expression; it supports a diverse and inclusive community of writers on campus and in our regional community.

Bellflower Hall

Writers House is a place and an idea. It is not merely a building belonging to a group of writers. Our name - minus an apostrophe that would indicate possession - honors the sophistication of CWRU writers, who understand grammatical conventions and use language to reflect their own goals and aesthetic preferences. 


Writers House hosts workshops, readings, lectures, and symposia, often in collaboration with Cleveland-area literary arts organizations. The Edward S. and Melinda Sadar Lecture is a public showcase of research and scholarship about writing, publishing, and intellectual property. The Arts and Sciences Dissertation Seminar supports humanities and social sciences graduate students in their research, writing, and explorations of the questions and methods of humanistic scholarship. The English department recognizes outstanding student writers with a number of academic and creative writing awards each year.

Letterpress Studio

The New Gutenberg Annex, located within Writers House, is a moveable type print lab and book arts workshop. In this hands-on space, students and faculty experience the art and craft of letterpress printing, while they explore the technologies that turn words and ideas into physical objects. The New Gutenberg Annex pays homage to Bits Press, founded in 1974 by CWRU Professor of English Robert Wallace (1966-1999), which specialized in letterpress editions of short poetry (bits), short fiction (pieces), and, eventually a poetry series aimed at a general audience (Light Year). Bits Press published chapbooks and works by Mary Oliver, John Updike, Bruce Bennett, and X.J. Kennedy, among others.

New at Writers House

  • “Ben’s Writing Room” was dedicated in April 2016 in honor of Jessica Melton Perry (CLC ’59) – affectionately known as “Ben” – who was a faculty member in Western Reserve University’s School of Library Science from 1961-1970.
  • Digital projection and videoconferencing capabilities were added to the Writers House seminar and classroom spaces in 2017 and 2018.
  • The New Gutenberg Annex added a Craftsmen Superior platen press (2018), Poco #0 proof press (2020), and Showcard proof press (2024), in addition to an array of serifed type (2021) and Hebrew type (2023).

  • Generous annual and endowment gifts to Writers House and the Writing Resource Center continue to support workshops, building repairs, equipment and furniture purchases, and other programming.